Sundance Film Festival 2020: Timmy Failure Is A Success

Hello, friends! This week I find myself in sunny Salt Lake City for my third trip to the Sundance Film Festival. Did you know that any old jabroni off the street can go to Sundance, and it doesn’t have to cost a million dollars? Like if, for example, you have family in SLC to stay with and you buy the Salt Lake City Only ticket package? Sure, you’re less likely to get to see Q&As with cast and crew, but you still get to brag about how you “already saw that at Sundance” as movies come out for the rest of the year.

Anyway, the festival has a great lineup this year and as I looked through the program I earmarked dozens of contenders to fill up my 10-ticket dance card. Unfortunately I ended up with a very late ticket selection time slot and almost all of them were sold out, so this time around I have had to go a bit off the beaten path for my choices. Which is how I ended up with a ticket to my first movie of the fest, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.


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My Year in Movies: 2019

Oh hi! I did not see you there! If you thought you were going to escape without hearing about the movies I watched in 2019, especially after the (predictably stupid) Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, you were gravely mistaken. I had such a good time handing out personalized awards last year that I’ve decided to do it again.

But first off, a good old-fashioned Top 10!

10. Avengers: Endgame
9.   The Farewell
8.   The Last Black Man in San Francisco
7.   Hustlers
6.   Parasite
5.   Ad Astra
4.   Little Women
3.   Pain and Glory
2.   Knives Out
1.   Booksmart

And now a disclaimer about how I only managed to drag myself to a measly 50 movies in 2019 and there are a fair few that I fully intended to see but completely failed for a variety of reasons (i.e. they weren’t in the theater long enough, they haven’t come to Milwaukee yet, I’m lazy, etc.), so don’t yell at me about any obvious exclusions.

Enough with the boring stuff and onto the awards!

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My Year In Movies: Awards Style

Tomorrow we’ll finally learn who’s nominated for this year’s Oscars, and since I’m sure I’m going to strongly disagree with a lot of it I decided to create my own awards. Like a true Millennial, I’ve decided that every one of the 67 movies I saw in 2018 deserves its own award, each lovingly tailored to its recipient.

For the more conventionally-minded of you, I’ll start with a simple top 10 list:

10. The Miseducation of Cameron Post
9. Madeline’s Madeline
8. BlackKklansman
7. The Favourite
6. Shoplifters
5. Annihilation
4. Black Panther
3. Eighth Grade
2. Colette
1. The Tale


Now it’s time to find out which movie had the worst kiss, the most adorable child, the best lesbians and much, much more!

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